Wintershall: a complex project in two months

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For the office of the oil and gas production company in St. Petersburg, we completed all the interior work. We designed the documentation, manufactured furniture and interior items and conducted all the internal work. It took us two months to complete the complex project for premises with an area of ​​2400 sq.m.


Wintershall is engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas and is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF. On the territory of Russia is the eighth largest oil reserves in the world, therefore the company needs a spacious headquarter here. The office of the company is located in the business center «Renaissance Premium».

The layout of the office has a well-thought-out zoning, which helps employees to alternate intensive work and relaxation:

Work areas in which people spend a lot of time are located around the perimeter. Panoramic windows create natural lighting, the most favorable for work.

The inner ring has corridors and mini meeting rooms. Light enters through glass partitions.

In the very depth of the perimeter are kitchens, meeting rooms and cloakrooms.


All furniture for the project was manufactured in our own production. For many years we have optimized production up to the most correct arrangement of machines, so that now even larger projects can be performed in a shorter time. We don’t waste time even if several projects are running simultaneously.


Read more about our production system in our blog.

For Wintershall office in St. Petersburg we manufactured a set of furniture:

  • Reception desks
  • Meeting room
  • Kitchens
  • Wardrobes, dressing rooms
  • Consoles in bathrooms


Used technologies:

Furniture from MDF with veneer finishing, furniture from MDF with enamel finishing, furniture from artificial stone, furniture from glass, stemalite panels.

Special works

For the Wintershall project we made furniture from non-standard materials.

Reception desk at the entrance is finished with veneer. Finishing is performed in combination with white glossy enamel.


Doors and showcase were made of glass, and the bar counters in the kitchens were made entirely of artificial stone.

In the bathrooms we decorated walls with stemalite. It is tempered glass enameled on one side. The surface of the glass is painted and treated with heat. Glass and enamel become inseparable. Stemalite is often used for finishing facades and in interior works.


In the meeting rooms we installed pinion ceilings. They are designed in such a way that each rack is removed separately from others. If the room will be repaired or you need to replace the communications, it is enough to remove the racks on the right site. Dismantling the entire ceiling is not necessary.

In the kitchens we installed several Zip Water devices. This is a drinking water supply system that allows you to completely replace the teapot, filter and cooler.


Non-standard tasks

Usually a project of this scale and complexity takes at least six months but we were able to complete all the work for two months. In this incredibly short time we designed the documentation, manufactured all the pieces of furniture and completed the installation. This was achieved through our own multiproduction: all installed items were manufactured at the DWFI factory so the project’s timing was not dependent on third-party contractors.

Another difficulty was represented by a variety of works that were carried out at the same time by a variety of contractors. All the furniture and furnishings were packed in protective materials.

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