Interior design solutions for a country mansion in Jurmala

Performed works

fitted furniture built from the sketches of architects and designers, modern American Restoration Hardware style design, manufactured doors, panels and dressing rooms.

Non-routine task

The object is abroad. For the foreign projects, we use our common “room-by-room” operation approach. As soon as the room is ready our specialists arrive for a few days to perform interior works inside the room.

The project was developed by Moscow DBA bureau. It’s not our first cooperation with the company, for example, we made interior design for Millennium project upon their sketches. For this new “Jurmala” project we fully performed interior works, manufactured furniture, doors, storage systems and walk-in closets.

The heart of the house is the hall with a 3-flight stone staircase.

Yurmala-eng-2 Yurmala-eng-3


The residence library is designed in blues using different types of wood. The ceiling with timber caissons is decorated with fabric. The floor is made of massive planks.

The walls of the library are finished with wood paneling.




The kitchen interior is the peculiar combination of wood and stone. The floor is made of marble and the walls are pargetted. We separately manufactured the wooden doorway decorating the entrance to the room.  All the kitchen furniture was fully manufactured specially for oval room.

Yurmala-eng-6 Yurmala-eng-7 Yurmala-eng-8

Interior items

For the mansion we designed and manufactured several unique cabinet units, shelves and storage systems, two dressing rooms.

White dining room at the first floor. Shelving unit with glass doors evokes the sensation of depth, making the room visually more spacious.


The dressing-room is near the bedroom. We manufactured several shelves and different storage systems.




There is a wardrobe in the guest room at the first floor.


The host dressing room is fully made of wood. All the furniture is a unique design project.

The built-in lighting helps to choose the clothes.


The walls in the blue dining room are finished with wood paneling and moldings.


The remote door leads to the bathroom decorated with marble and massive chandelier.Yurmala-eng-17

In the dining room the walls are made up of wooden battens. For this room we manufactured unusual shelves.



There are several bathrooms in the house; each of them is designed in its own original style. There is plenty of stone in those rooms. Sometimes the walls are pargetted, in other rooms the walls are marbled.


Yurmala-eng-23 Yurmala-eng-22 Yurmala-eng-21

One of the guest bathrooms has vintage style design: whitened exposed beams on the ceiling, walls with “wattle house” effect.

This is our second private project in cooperation with DBA bureau.

See also: Millenium.


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