Office of oil and gas company in Saint-Petersburg. We have completed design documentation, furniture for reception area, bathrooms an negotiation halls, pinion ceilings. Special work: furniture with stemalita and artificial stone, installation of drinking water appliances Zip Water.

Object: office of internationally active oil and gas producer in Saint-Petersburg
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Reshetnikova str., 14, business center Renaissance Premium
General contractor: GINT-M
Total area: 2400 sq. m.
Floors: 2
Commissioning: 2017

Work performed

  • Design documentation
  • Manufacture of furniture covered with veneer
  • Furniture with enamel finish
  • Furniture made of artificial stone
  • Glass furniture
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer of pinion ceilings
  • Installation of Zip HydroTap system


Wintershall is Germany’s largest internationally active oil and gas producer and a 100 percent subsidiary of BASF, the world’s largest chemical company. The company is exploring and producing of oil and gas. Wintershalls office in Saint-Petersburg occupies two floors in a business centre Renaissance Premium.

Its office has complex layout in which we had to inegrate new furniture and decoration. Along the perimeter and panoramic windows there are work areas. In the depth of the floor are kitchens, meeting rooms and dressing rooms.

Furniture manufacture

For the Wintershalls office we have produced a set of furniture: reception desk, kitchens, wardrobes, panels in the bathrooms, furniture for meeting rooms.


Reception is finished with wood veneer and high-gloss white enamel. A few items are made of glass: doors, showcases. Bar counters in kitchens are made of artificial stone.


Special works

The walls in the bathrooms are decorated with stemalite. The surface of glass is coated with a special paint based on ceramides. The paint is treated wiht heat to give the glass strength and to fix the enamel on its surface. After the hardening the enamel is connected with the glass in one.


Pinion ceilings in the meeting rooms are designed in a special way — each rake is separated from others. It provides quick access to communications.


In kitchens we also installed pinion ceilings and drinking water appliances Zip Water.


In a large negotiation hall is a cupboard for storage of unnecessary chairs.

Project features

The project was completed in a short time. It took us two months to prepare the documentation, make furniture and complete all the work.


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