The headquarters of Raiffeisenbank

Object: The headquarters of Raiffeisenbank
Location: Business Park Nagatino i-Land, Moscow, Andropov Avenue, 18, bloc 2
Managing Company: Drees & Sommer
General contractor: RD Construction
Architectural bureau: OFFICEPROJECT
The chief architect of the project: Denis Lobanov
Project Architects: Anna Kasyanov, Aglaia Van Van-E
Total area: 26,000 sq.m.
Number of floors: 11
Commissioning: 2014

The office of «Raiffeisenbank» is one of the largest projects in today’s market of office real estate, which was commissioned within 7 months, taking into account the scale and technical complexity of the object, this delivery term is considered to be very tight. The new office of «Raiffeisenbank» occupies all 11 floors of the business center, which has become the second major building of the bank.

In addition to the working zone open space of the business-center, there are educational and training classes, meeting rooms, a conference room, recreation areas, a doctor’s office, a banking department, a gym, technical rooms and a server room. Also one of the most important tasks was to solve the problem of insufficient number of seats for the organization of business meetings and negotiations.

The walls of the central core, situated on the main areas where people pass and prominent everywhere are visually interesting and hide the multitude of doors to the shafts and electric boxes.

For this project, we manufactured veneered panels, hinged and folding doors, closets, wardrobes, tables, sofas and tables for mini-negotiations, kitchen furniture, covered with white gloss enamel, which is embedded with kitchen appliances and vending machines, bars frames made of metal, teller desks with high screens and windows, window sills with bars over the convectors and radiators screens, flower pots, as well as more than 150 acoustic panels and panels for paint marker.

The project was nominated for the prestigious award of Best Office Awards in 2015 and won in the category «Acoustic comfort».

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