Lotte Hotel Samara

Project: Lotte Hotel Samara
Location: 110 Samarskaya street, Samara
Architectural bureau: HAAST
General contractor: Investor, LLC
Total area: 6.4 thousand sq. m
Number of floors: 10
Commissioning: 2018

Performed work

  • Design documents development
  • Furniture and wall panels production for 192 rooms
  • Production of fire resistant wall panels with metalized gold inserts
  • Enamel finished MDF furniture
  • Installation of five-meter Boiserie fire resistant wall panels and 3D panels in the reception area
  • Interior works in the Presidential Suite

Project Description


Deluxe room. Photo: Hotel Lotte Samara

Lotte Hotel Samara is the third hotel of the South Korean LOTTE Hotels & Resorts chain in Russia. The five star hotel offers 197 rooms in an elegant style, 10 conference-halls, a fitness center, infinity swimming-pool and restaurant.

The hotel opening coincided with the 2018 World Cup with several matches held in Samara. Our goal was not only to develop documents and interior items for all the rooms but also to meet the schedule to allow guests of the city to enjoy the new hotel. As always we succeeded in and also in meeting other targets.

Project Features

The hotel has many rooms equipped with any requisite furniture and finishing details, e.g. we have manufactured 384 bedside tables with drawers on metal legs and 192 writing tables. Totally, DWFI manufactured several thousand furniture items and wall panels.

Despite the huge scope of works we completed the project according to the schedule, which allowed to open the hotel on time and receive fans and organizers of the 2018 World Cup.

An interesting challenge was the work in the Presidential Suite. To achieve the golden color on complicated elements of the interior, we performed a fine work with paint-and-lacquer materials.
Unique five-meter high decorative panels were installed in several areas of the hotel.

Furniture Production

There are 197 hotel rooms of various comfort levels. We manufactured wall panels and furniture sets (including for bathrooms) for all hotel rooms.
Fire resistant wall panels with metalized gold inserts.

Bedheads in all the rooms are veneered with the soft part finished with eco-leather and LED illuminated.


Veneered TV panels are decorated with inserts of titanium nitride. The TV set is carefully installed in a niche to protect the interior appearance.


That’s how the wall panels with niches were manufactured at DWFI’s plant. All the rooms also have LED illuminated niches for coffee-machines.


Ottomans and luggage racks of stainless steel and an eco-leather soft part.

Coffee tables on metal legs.


Bedside tables with drawers on metal legs.


Every room has a writing table.


Juniour Room interior


Photo: Hotel Lotte Samara

Bathrooms in all rooms have heated mirrors and pendant stands.


Special Works

The Crystal Hall features decorative covers on the Dutch movable partitions. Five-meter Boiserie fire resistant wall panels were also installed along the perimeter of the hall. Panels in public areas are made seamlessly despite the five-meter height.

3D decorative panels meet guests in the reception area. To achieve a volume and “glass-like” appearance, the special resin-fill method was applied.

The HAAST Architectural Bureau

The interior projects for hotels have their special features and require big responsibility from all participants. During our work on the Lotte Samara we were happy to collaborate with the outstanding HAAST architectural bureau. The bureau has a huge experience in activities related to hotels, as well as such complicated projects as underground stations, fitness clubs and plants.

A responsible entity engaged in creation of the interior for 200-300 rooms, must have appropriate resources: competent engineers, production capacities and proved processes. Even a small failure in the production chain can lead to a delay in hotel launching and therefore a loss of profit for investors. We, in DWFI, pay special attention to organization of processes and therefore we are able to implement even the most huge projects within strictly specified time-limits.


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