Office O1 Group

Rigorous and solid - these are the best words to describe the impression of O1 Group company's office space

Client: O1 Group
Address: Moscow, Valovaya Str., 26, Business Center Lighthouse, 13th floor
Project Management: City Developer
General Contractor: Alliance Construction Group (ACG)
General Designer: Alliance Construction Group (ACG)
Architects: Anna Poluyan, Evgenia Chercasova, Ekaterina Karpova, designer — Lilita Matyukova
Engineering solutions: Alliance Construction Group (ACG)
Total Area: 410 sq.m
Terms of implementation (design and construction): 3 months
Commissioning: 2013

O1 has been occupying the 11th and 12th floors of the office building Lighthouse for about a year, and lately it has expanded and it became necessary to attach another floor — it was decided to move the management there. Its space could be described as a modern interpretation of art deco: a rigorous combination of American walnut panels with white plaster walls creates a feeling of solidity and significant moderate comfort.

Managers were moved to a small open-space area on the 13th floor and individual rooms were designed for the management. Also, the meeting room and a small sitting area at the office of the CEO and technical rooms: kitchen, bathroom and toilet were found there.

Furniture for the office was chosen very carefully and strictly by color: black in those areas which require special solidity; white where you want to add lightness; or finished with walnut veneer, repeating the main late-motive of the interior.

Wall panels at the management reception have integrated lighting and ceiling hatches provide access to communications. The reception desk is in the form of a parallelepiped without a separate countertop. In front of it is a partition made of rails along the frame.

In the managers’ offices — cabinets have hidden doors that open upon light touch, and built-in fan coil grilles.

For the negotiation areas, in addition to veneered panels, we performed a decorative lattice of slats with concealed lighting. Entries during meetings can be made on a large sheet of white painted glass, built between the veneered panels. Also for this facility, our production plant manufactured doors and furniture for the offices – chests of drawers, cases for papers, pin-boards (fabric panels).

The project was nominated for the prestigious award of Best Office Awards 2013.

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