Everything is under control

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Interior projects might have thousands of different sized elements. For effective work with such scope, inventory management is essential. While design activity is an artwork, space planning is a meticulous work.

In order to run projects on time we keep everything under control.

Product flow for every element

Every employee knows which element should be produced for a project today, and where it goes afterwards. Product flow is a step-by-step plan for every project in work, no matter if it has 10 or 10 thousand elements.


Right place

Having few thousand square meters of production space, it is easy to loose even big interior element. To prevent this, DWFI keeps every element in separate storage bin, according to product flow. Once you need to find some element, it is enough to check its number in product flow.


On a Big Box project we made a big push with launching barcode system. As a result, we produced celling with 15000 cylinders. Overproduction was on a level of few elements, which is great result for such project.


Everything in its right place

When you have a big scope of work, every unproductive movement or tools on a wrong place could waste a lot of project time. We give attention to operational excellence and always keep tools is easily accessible place.

Complete project on time is a major purpose in space planning. It is only possible with controlled accountancy and production transparency.

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On 7 июня, 2016

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