Architect bureau SPEECH lead the TOP10 list of highly demanded architects

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Realtor company “Metrium Group” presented the list of architect agencies, which have completed residential projects in Moscow.

During rank preparation, square area of all new homes market in Moscow was considered. With result 1,93 million square meters list was leaded by SPEECH Architect headed by Sergey Choban. Second place — “Rezerv” , third place — architect bureau of Sergey Skuratov.

Among Sergey CHoban project s you can find multifunctional complex “Zapadniy Port”, residential complex on the territory of ex ZIL factory.

SPEECH is a long-standing partner for DWFI. Besides residential projects bureau also known for it’s commercial development and special purpose projects.

DWFI congratulates SPEECH bureau and Sergey Choban with yet another appreciation of their merits

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On Май 13, 2016

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